About Us


  • In 2014, Aureus® expanded to include casual and lifestyle footwear, staying true to the quality that is a part of Aureus’ DNA.




    Aureus was established in 1977 at a time when specialty brands ruled the athletic market. We called the golf course home, so you could say we were born playing the game. And top pros wore the collection making Aureus a dominant golf brand for decades until megabrands took over our market. Niche manufactures struggled, but from the outside veteran shoemaker Frank Tien saw great opportunity.


    As a vertical production savant with over 30 years of experience producing millions of pairs of top quality shoes for some of the biggest U.S. retailers and name brands, Tien understood the intrinsic value in Aureus and possessed the unique vision to breathe new life into the brand. And in 2014, we were reborn. Based in Los Angeles, today’s Aureus offers a modern sleek footwear collection with an expanded focus on the advanced technologies and materials that always differentiated us.


    At the core is our proprietary AM-TECH Sole Technology®–it’s a truly revolutionary way to construct footwear. We securely bond each layer of the shoe directly together. Compare this to other brands that rely on archaic cheap glues and cements that are prone to fail and the difference is clear. Durability defines Aureus with every pair designed to outlast your expectations. And we complement it with premium material uppers and linings for a luxurious look and feel that’s always on trend.


    We use eco-friendly materials in our products because it’s the right thing to do and we want you to wear Aureus with pride. Our design team works tirelessly to keep style at the forefront of comfort and innovation so you’ll always feel great and look even better in our shoes. We’re always focused on what’s ahead with our heritage in mind. Make a bold statement by slipping into a pair of Aureus.